Web Programming

Does my web site need to be "programmed"?

Not necessarily. Lots of designers these days can create sites comprised of "static" pages which are simply displayed to visitors as they were written. That approach can work well for a small, low-maintenance, non-interactive site. And sometimes a one-size-fits-all canned script can be added to provide a common feature like a guest book or the ever-popular "hit counter." But maybe your site needs to be something more...

Maintainable and Consistent

The sites we build use dynamic templating systems that simplify changes to layout and style. Imagine that your twenty-page site needs a makeover in a year or two. Wouldn't it be nice if you could pay a consultant to change just one or two files, rather than twenty? And across-the-board styling means fewer bugs and inconsistencies as well.

Database Driven

Some kinds of sites are simply too expensive to build and maintain as conventional static pages. If you have a catalog of dozens of products, you don't want to pay for dozens of static pages. Nor do you want to change a page every time a price or quantity changes. Instead, you need one "smart" web page that can read product information from a database and build a customized view on the fly. That's where our programming expertise comes in!


If you want your web site to gather data from a visitor via a form, you need a web program. Maybe a canned script will do what you need -- and maybe not. Our custom programming service ensures that your site can interact with a visitor in any way needed. The data gathered can be stored in a database for later access, or e-mailed directly to your mail box.


Want your site to recognize registered visitors and call them by name? How about displaying favorite categories or recent purchases? No problem. One of our dynamic sites can make your visitors feel welcome, so they'll keep coming back.


An interactive web site is a tempting target for system crackers from amateurs to professional identity thieves. Any kind of online form, if incorrectly written, can be used to gain control of your application or even the whole server, creating lost data headaches and legal liabilities. We make sure that all input is tested and filtered so that doesn't happen!

You'll enjoy the extra safety and flexibility that WhoWhatWeb provides with our custom web programming services. Not sure if what you have in mind is possible? Give us a call and find out!

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