Web Site Design

So You Need a Web Site...

Whether you're a business, a non-profit organization, or just an individual with something to say, having a web site is a must. With its ability to reach millions of people worldwide, the Web is a tool that can put your business in the black, rally support for your cause, or just plain get your message heard.

But what sort of site do you need, and who can produce it for you? Is there really a difference between the cool-looking stuff the twelve-year-old next door can knock out in FrontPage, and the successful sites that can really sell a product or an idea?

There is a difference, and that difference is why you should turn to WhoWhatWeb to design and build your web site.

Information Design

Finding your way around a complex web site can be easy or hard -- and the difference is due to the way the pages, menus and search boxes are designed and organized. In a medium where frustrated users are likely to give up and go elsewhere, you need to know that your site will guide them to what they need, quickly and easily. Our experience in information design is the key.

Audience Targeting

We believe that a web site must be targeted toward the people you want to read and use it. Are they local or national or worldwide? Young or old? Tech savvy or new to the 'net? The web site needs to be designed for their needs.


It's true that more and more people everyday have fast broadband access to the Internet. But some of your most important visitors might still use a slow dial-up line, and they won't sit still for bloated, graphic-clogged pages that take minutes to load. We can build you tight, fast pages that download quickly for everyone and still look great.


How many times have you tried to pull up a web page, and found that you couldn't do it because a plugin didn't work, or your browser was too old, or you use a Mac instead of a PC, or Netscape instead of Internet Explorer? Imagine being a vision-impaired user and trying to access a site that depends heavily on graphic animations. We think that kind of design is narrow-minded, and drives away visitors from your site.

The Web was intended to be based on universal standards, so that everyone could access it. Pages designed in a thoughtful way can be usable and attractive for a wide variety of people. We'll help you analyze your target audience, and we'll write a site that adapts to them, rather than expecting them to adapt to your site.

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